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GTA RP - what is behind the huge hype?

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November 12, 2021


Things to know

Even after more than eight years, GTA is one of the most popular games on Twitch and Co. and inspires numerous players from all over the world.

In addition, Grand Left Auto V has been one of the most popular categories on Twitch for many months and many players are now guaranteed to ask what is so special about such an old game and what makes it so popular. The reason is obvious. For example, well-known streamers do not play the game as a standard version, but in the popular role-playing mode.

What is GTA RP?

Actually, GTA 5 stands for pure chaos and lots of action. Cheaters including flying motorbikes and alien gangs provide a lot of fuel and variety in Los Santos. Alternative role-playing servers, which have been available since the beginning of 2017, show that things can be completely different. On these, real life is to be simulated, so to speak. But for whom is the game suitable, what options are offered to players and what is there to discover?

GTA RP, or Roleplay, is the multiplayer mod for the computer. This special mode can be called up and played via a game client, for example. But beware, not all servers are freely accessible, so you may have to register online first. There are servers with and without waiting lists.

Let's go

But what happens when it finally starts? In this case, a character is created with a matching background story. So players play one of the well-known NPCs from GTA V. For example, you can take on the part of a business manager, join the police or the fire brigade, or be a taxi driver taking other players to their destination. There are hardly any limits to your own imagination and you can slip into a role that you have always found interesting. The development of the person in the game goes on and on. This is not only in the business area, but also in terms of relationships with other players.

What is required, however, is that you behave as you would in real life. In plain language, this means that fellow players should always abide by the rules and that the health and integrity of one's own role is always in focus. In addition, one should also abide by the laws and not simply kill other players or harm them in any other way.

A good example is the car accident in which you accidentally hit someone. So instead of driving on, the police are called along with an ambulance.

Our Conclusion - Variety Guaranteed

If you want to build a second, virtual life away from the actual reality, GTA RP is just right for you. Here there are so many opportunities to build up your very own role, meet new people and gradually develop. Here, players start as "nobody" but can make a name for themselves, become rich and infamous or build a normal life after all. Due to the many possibilities, we are sure that there will be no boredom in this completely different GTA. Mods are available on all servers, which also integrate new professions and mechanics into the game.