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Clean, Honest, and User-Intuitive. Look No Further!



Survival Servers provides great communication, has easy-to-use-systems, and adds a very nice personal touch to everything they do.The baseline program that they use to host their servers is very intuitive -- I played and modded a Space Engineers server and they really held my hand through the whole thing. I've seen what they can do with Minecraft or Ark and there's no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best hosting environments out there for the layman.I accidentally created a billing issue recently and they immediately heard my concerns and refunded me with no questions asked. Lots of companies these days take your money and leave you in the dust but all of my billing experiences with Survival Servers have been clean and honest.Really can't recommend them enough -- I will be returning to them in the near future when I begin playing games again!

Edward Unger·18 dagen geleden
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Couldn't ask for better service



So, I have run a couple of servers through Survival Servers over the years and any time I have had an issue, their Support Team has contacted me within the hour (even though it says it can take up to 24-48 hours). The folks have a history of being pleasant to work with as well as being extremely helpful when it comes to whatever issue I may throw their way.Most recently though, Scum came out with an update called Hell's Kitchen (Scum v0.85). I was unable to access the Admin Settings and Zone Settings in game, so I reached out to Survival Servers. One of their staff members emailed me (in less than 30 minutes) and promised a fix (which was delivered in less than 3 hours).I am proud to say I am a member of Survival Servers, that I fully intend to continue using their hosting services for my favorite PC Titles and that I recommend the same for you.

Riley Lafeen Geistdaemon·21 dagen geleden
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One Month Running a RUST server



Pros1. Servers are fast with low latency2. Support are responsive (within an hour)3. RAM is 128MB (as per CP), no drive space limit, no data transfer meteringThis is almost perfect for the price point! I would have stayed if my issues had been resolved.Cons1. No online chat support - Negligible as support are responsive enough via email, but online chats would always be faster and easier to communicate with2. The server date/time zone does not follow the server location selected which is odd. For example, Singapore server would have PDT/PST system time zone. So I ended up re-coding some of the plugins to convert PDT/PST to SGT/GMT+8. 3. Scheduler Issues - auto-restart is messing up the game. (e.g. Rust teams are getting disbanded after each auto-restart via scheduler), I've been running this server on a personal laptop for months without such issues. Ended up getting moved to another machine/ip which appears to be their "default fix".4.FTP entitlements is a mess. You can't delete anything until you raise a ticket and every time my server is moved to another IP/Machine, I need to raise a ticket to have full access to my game folders.(reason for move in next item)5. Port setup is a mess. Server is not showing up in the game's server listing (e.g. Rust community/mod server list). Would have been an easy fix to be honest if support checked the query port assigned to the machine/IP were actually opened. Instead, my server was moved from one machine/ip to another until we found something that actually works. Had no choice but to migrate the server back to my personal laptop. Advised them that until this issue is resolved I will not renew my subs. Instead of addressing the issue, they went ahead to cancel by subscription. SMH.

Golgolak's Den·ongeveer 1 maand geleden
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Over Survival Servers

Survival Servers is in 2012 opgericht door twee vrienden. Sindsdien staat de hostingprovider echt met de voet op het gaspedal. Met uitgebreide functies en concurrerende prijzen maakte Survival Servers sich snel een naam.

Om de concurrentie bij te houden op het gebied van ondersteuning, breidde de hostingdienst zijn team al na een jaar uit. Dit betekent dat er 24/7 ondersteuning is. De provider is sinds de oprichting sterk gegroeid en is altijd op de hoogte.In 2019 werd AMD aan boord gehaald als secundaire chipprovider voor de Intel-platforms. De Ryzen 9- en EPYC-serverprocessors werden vervolgens toegevoegd aan de krachtige infrastructuur van Survival Servers. De provider richt zich altijd op single-threaded prestaties voor alle nieuwe games. De hoogste server-FPS werd toen met de Xeon-processors binnengehaalt.

Survival Servers is een sterke partner als het gaat om het huren van een server. Voortdurende ontwikkeling en ook technische groei, een solide prestatie kan hier gegarandeerd worden.


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