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Anyone who wants to spend time on a BF1 server with friends or a community has to rent one themselves to have full control. We at gameserverCHECK have compared the best offers for you. You can sort our table freely, for example by hoster score or by price - your choice!

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Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4


Oct 21, 2016




EA Digital Illusions CE

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👻OuhApparently, the game has not been released yet, which is why there are no providers listed here yet. Feel free to check back with us later!

Rent Battlefield 1 Server

What is Battlefield 1?

BF 1 is a first-person shooter from the developer studio DICE, which is published by the publisher EA. On 06.05 there was a press event, then a stream for the public: Battlefield 1 was shown for the first time! The scene should be this time the First World War & thus falls out a ScFi sceneario. Even the open beta has not been able to slow down the hype around Battlefield 1, the game runs incredibly smooth and impresses with stunning graphics and destruction capabilities.

The right server?

Battlefield 1 (BF1 for short) is the game the entire Battlefield community was waiting for in 2016: The successor to the sales hit Battlefield 4. Those who want to have their own server will have to rent one, because EA does not make the server files public, so hosting your own is not possible. Battlefield 1 servers will probably have ranked server providers again and we will show you as soon as possible how the prices of the known RSPs look like.