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Minecraft 1.19 (Beta) - The Wild Update

Minecraft Warden

The next big Minecraft update is already on its way - and it's going to be wild!

This year, Minecraft celebrates its tenth (!) birthday - and it's far from being old news. Who would have thought back then that a much ridiculed block game would become a long-running hit. There is (unfortunately) no fixed release date for the new update yet, but it is certain that the two-part update will be released this year. Rumor has it that it could be ready by summer. The Wild update is basically based on Cliffs and Caves. The focus is more on qualitative improvements.

The Deep Dark Cities

There is a new underground structure: The Deep Dark Cities. This was actually already planned for the Cliffs and Caves update, but was postponed again. With "The Wild" the time has finally come.

In the Deep Dark Cities there are the Sculk Blocks and the Sculk Sensors - and the world looks simply sensational and atmospheric. The right vibe is provided by the numerous candles, for example, which give the whole thing that extra bit of eerie gloom. A huge atmospheric dungeon structure awaits you in the Deep Dark Cities.

The Deep Dark Cities are completely integrated into the Deep Slate area.

A little bit about the Sculk Blocks

One of the new Sculk Blocks is the Sculk Catalyst Block. When you kill a zombie, its "soul" is sucked into the Catalyst Block. If you then...


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