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Satisfactory Update 5

Satisfactory Update 5 (via Steam News)

Since a few days the fifth update of Satisfactory is now in experimental state.

Update 5 of Satisfactory - and the Steam world is upside down

Since the Update the game is going through the roof again. Reason enough for us to take a closer look. The normal version of the update should follow in a few weeks.

That's what it's all about

Satisfactory is a classic open-world construction game played in the first-person perspective. You land as an employee of FICSIT on a foreign planet and have the task to mine the resources there. To do this, you build a factory with which you can mine iron ore, for example. You send the ore to your clients in space. In exchange, you'll receive more advanced technologies that you can use to improve and expand your factory. Also, in the game you'll constantly optimize your logistics and your work processes, so that your factory works even more efficiently. In this way, over time your factory will grow and you'll be able to assemble more and more complex objects and send them to your clients. There are no upper limits to the construction of your factory, so nothing stands in the way of a multi-story building. You can also explore the planet and get to know the inhabitants. By the way, the game was developed by the Swedish Coffee Stain Studio,...


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