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Battlefield 1 server hosting

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Everyone who wants to spend time with friends or a community on a BF1 server has to rent one himself to have full control. We at Gameservercheck have compared the best offers for you. You can sort our table freely, for example by Hoster Score or by price - your decision! What are you waiting for? Rent your Battlefield 1 server!
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All you need to know about Battlefield 1.

What is Battlefield 1?

BF 1 is an ego shooter from the developer studio DICE, which is published by the publisher EA. On 06.05 there was a press event, afterwards a stream for the public: Battlefield 1 was shown for the first time! This time the location should be the first world war & so a ScFi-Szeneario is dropped.

Even the open beta couldn’t stop the hype around Battlefield 1, the game spits out incredibly fluid and impresses with breathtaking graphics and destructive possibilities.

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Ego Shooter

Release date

Coming soon


News for Battlefield 1

Check out the latest Battlefield 1 news and keep up to date. Gameservercheck always tries to provide the latest news for Battlefield 1.


The right server?

Battlefield 1 (short: BF1) is the game the whole Battlefield community was waiting for in 2016: The successor of the bestseller Battlefield 4. if you want to have your own server, you have to rent one, because the server files are not public for EA…so hosting your own server is not possible. So Battlefield 1 servers will probably have ranked server providers again and we will show you as soon as possible how the prices of the known RSPs look like.

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