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The survival hit Memories of Mars, often compared to RUST for a reason, has been available on PC since 2018. According to insider information, a console release is planned soon. At the latest then, owners of all platforms can try how they manage on a Mars of the future. The developer of games like Tropico 6 is venturing into new territory here: the red planet.





Jun 5, 2018


Adventure, Survival


Limbic Entertainment GmbH

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Rent Memories of Mars Server

People on Mars? Not quite.

A hundred years in the future, humans colonized Mars... and died right back out and left. A perfect scenario for survivalists like you! In Memories of Mars, you awake as a clone in an inhospitable and polluted Martian landscape that is periodically hit by deadly storms. Those clone facilities are the last legacy of the population formerly living on Mars. And that only because they forgot to turn them off. Everything else is added by the typical, well-known survival gameplay. You are released into desolate freedom with no particular goal and must see how you get along. You begin by searching for materials, items, and depending on your play style, alliances, enemies, or non-craftable terminals from which FLOPS (the in-game currency) can be obtained.

Memories of Mars

The Survival hit Memories of Mars, not often compared to RUST for nothing, is now available on PC since 2018. According to insider info, a console release is planned soon. The developer of games like Tropico 6 is venturing into new territory here: the red planet.

Server capacity, map and PvP

Up to 64 players can play simultaneously on one and the same instance of Memories of Mars. You can play as a group or join unknown players alone. The latter is probably the more exciting option, because in this game it is completely optional whether PvP is practiced. So the question remains with every encounter: friend or foe? Especially when resources and the coveted FLOPS terminals, which were intentionally created as conflict zones, become rare or are fought over. The map itself, however, is between four and sixteen square kilometers in size, which makes a possibly necessary escape and upgrade his character much easier. Likewise, the area provides an excellent amount of space for a group of hobbycrafters who would like to build an entire base together.

Survival - PvE and Crafting

Iron ore and nitrates. These are probably your first goals after revival in your new home on Mars. This will be followed by blueprints, which you can use to create new tools and especially weapons at crafting stations and mobile workbenches. You will urgently need these in the fight for survival, because sometimes more and sometimes less dangerous creatures share the habitat with you and the other players. Sandworms, cyberspiders and later also giant fighting robots will make your day more difficult, but will also reward you if you bravely stand in their way and defeat them. However, you really shouldn't tackle these until you've created your first small home base with your welder. This is done much like similar genre representatives, such as ARK. You have to build a foundation, walls, doors, windows, roof, done. If you are patient and first prepare yourself well for the hard life on Mars, you will live longer, as always.