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Pavlov VR is the first really cool VR multiplayer shooter. The game is very similar to Counter Strike and also adopts weapons and mechanisms. Old-established Counter Strike players will quickly find their way around and can also install maps from the game.





Feb 27, 2017


Ego-Shooter, VR


Vankrupt Games

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Rent Pavlov VR Server

VR multiplayer shooter

Pavlov VR is a shooter for virtual reality that has been around for a while now, and there are always new updates to keep the experience interesting. Through further updates, even more maps can now be loaded and fans of other games are also addressed with the VR shooter. Play with thousands of other players, different modes, fight against bots, use the voice chat to coordinate with your team. At the beginning of the game, you start with only a little money in your pocket and get rather inferior weapons. With time you earn more and more and have the possibility to buy better equipment and weapons. A new round in the game only starts when all players have been killed. With the different maps available, you'll have a fantastic gaming experience with Pavlov VR. It's the small details that make the game so wonderful, such as disarming a bomb by entering the right combination of numbers or reloading your own weapon. The other avatars don't make for a special gaming experience, but the weapons, numerous modes and menu navigation do.

Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR is the first really cool VR multiplayer shooter. The game is very similar to Counter Strike and adopts weapons and mechanics here as well. Old-established Counter Strike players will find their way around very quickly and can also install maps from the game. You start the game with very little money and can only afford cheap weapons. The further you get, the more money you have for better weapons and equipment. If you use certain maps, you have Counter Strike in VR. The rendering is true to detail, even if other characters sometimes look funny, the world, weapons and menus are wonderfully rendered. Pavlov VR is not only interesting for Counter Strike fans. Thanks to an update, it is now also aimed at Medal of Honor and Call of Duty enthusiasts.

Community is everything

Pavlov VR has a very strong focus on the community. Thus, it offers different modes, for an up-close experience. Main part of the gaming experience lies with the realistic reloading features and Fast Capted Combat. In this respect, Pavlov VR has a very high similarity to Counter Strike. Especially the weapons and the game modes, like Search and Destroy or Team Deathmatch, can be loaded from the popular game. There are many more maps loadable for the game, including Cache, The Pit (Halo), Cobblestone and more.So if you want to play a cool VR shooter, Pavlov VR is the place to be. Load maps from other games and fight your way to the top with your team.