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Remnants is a sandbox game that allows you all the freedom you can imagine.





Mar 5, 2021


Adventure, MMO, Role play


Immortal Hand Studios

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Rent Remnants Server

Survival in the wide world of Remnants

Remnants is a sandbox game that allows you all the freedom you can imagine. The world in Remnants is contaminated with radiation and requires you to develop your skills to get through it. You can play from the first person solo or in co-op. To survive, you'll develop your abilities and strategies. Explore locations, research skills, learn strategies and build a safe house. In the vast world you'll encounter dangerous radiation zones and NPCs, including animals. To defend your life, you'll have all sorts of weapons at your disposal, starting with the ancient axe, through the bow and arrow, to the automatic weapon. Remnants is an early-access game and is constantly being developed.

Rays are not the only danger

For you to survive in Remnants, it's not enough to stay away from radiation zones and the NPCs. To keep your sanity intact, you'll have to resist starvation, dehydration, the effects of radiation exposure, inhalation of toxic substances, and thermal conditions. Depending on the time of day, temperatures change and the world day-night cycle also contributes. So it likes to get cold, for protection you need shelter and clothing. Survival kits from the air provide you with clothing, you can come across these by chance and scavenge what you need. To eat, you grow your own resources in beds, harvest them and then cook yourself something good against hunger. Through the quest system you'll get unique rewards for each quest, which will always take you a bit further. As you explore the world of Remnants, you'll learn new things and develop your crafting skills. Mine resources, harvest your food and fight the NPCs or avoid them in a big way if you don't feel like fighting.

Building something new

To unlock new crafting items, blueprint parts have been hidden in the world of Remnants. If you find all the parts of a set you can build something new and get more items. To do this, you can also build a research base, which can be further developed through points. If you've ever wanted to try surviving in a radiation-infested world, Remnants is for you. Because it is a Carly Access, Remnants is always evolving and the new updates bring variety and improvements.