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Immerse yourself in the historical battles of War of Rights

Welcome to War of Rights, an epic multiplayer shooter that puts you in the middle of the bloody battles of the American Civil War. Side with the Union or the Confederates and fight for territory and survival in faithfully recreated battles.





Dec 3, 2018


Military, Tactic, Simulation


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Rent War of Rights Server

Experience historical battles up close

Immerse yourself in historically accurate battles that capture the spirit of the American Civil War. Explore faithfully recreated battlefields, from the forests of Virginia to the open plains of Pennsylvania, and fight side-by-side with your comrades.

Unique multiplayer gaming experience

Compete against other players in epic battles and work as a team to accomplish tactical objectives and achieve victory. Coordinate attacks, use historical weapons and tactics and fight for every inch of land in intense multiplayer battles.

Realistic battle mechanics and weapons

Experience an authentic war simulation with realistic battle mechanics and historically accurate weapons. Use black powder rifles, cannons and melee weapons to defeat your enemies and feel the tension and intensity of the battles of the American Civil War.

Historical accuracy and attention to detail

Enjoy historical accuracy and attention to detail that make War of Rights a unique gaming experience. From the uniforms to the battlefields, every element is carefully crafted to reflect the atmosphere and realism of the American Civil War.


Fight for your country in the American Civil War. War of Rights offers a captivating gaming experience for lovers of historical battles and multiplayer shooters. Immerse yourself in the world of the American Civil War, fight for your country and experience historical battles like never before!