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Bad customer support, sloths working...



I will try to make this as short as possibleI have ll kinds of problems with the server from Nitrado and their suppor is like talking to a sloth. They advertise with 24/7 support, but it feels like it's more when they want to. I've made 2 support tickets because I have 2 problems that I cant solve on my own and they just went ahead of closing one of the tickets without any support from their side... That's when I had enough and I cant even get a refund from the days that the server has been unplayable... the minimum I had 2 wait for support was 2 days and that did not even help me get the server back up running... which is a total of 4-5 days from that point where the server was unplayable... It's over a week since I first contacted them with these problems and I havent had any proper help that resolved my problems. Scammers getting money for a service that is not useable.

phillip nielsen·2 days ago
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Horrible Support



Horrible SupportI opened the ticket that i renewed my server 8 days ago and since then AGAIN the have trouble with mods and the servers are not working. These issues exists since months and there are always issues that prevent me to use the server for weeks. Maybe its not their fault but they advertise their service as Rent server with Curse forge mods manager, well thats what im paying for that is what is not working. I sent a ticket i want a refund for the last renewal that was 8 days ago, since then the server is unusable, and they telling me that they cannot refund it because of their refund policy. Im not getting what im paying for! Also to disable the auto-renewal is not working. I tried on the phone and on PC as well. It still shows its enabled... i feel scammed

Andras Fodor·4 days ago
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Really poor now, at no fault of support technician.



I understand that the multitude of issues with the game are down to the developer; however I have education in software and performed as many potential fixes for my problem as possible before contacting support. The support assistant was very polite and as helpful as possible, and is not to blame for a poor review.My review is poor because the sheer waiting time for a simple acknowledgement is far far too long. I solved the issue myself, I'm paying for a service and I expect better. I feel from PREVIOUS experiencez not this one the general attitude towards support for this game is poor and has led me to begin sourcing equipment to host servers myself. What would eventually have led to a large number of orders has now vanished, get on it Nitrado; just because you're the only ones in contract to host servers for this game it doesn't make you invincible. Once my account has run out of credit I will never use Nitrado again.Also worth adding their hardware upgrade packages have ABSOLUTELY NO effect on performance, I'm not convinced they even follow through. Really unhappy overall with the experience.

Abye·5 days ago
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