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Worst game hosting platform there is



Worst game hosting platform there is! Sat here for 5 days with a issue I cannot solve myself as its a problem on their behalf. I reinstalled my server as I couldn't find my server after 4 days of trying so I reinstalled it and boom its stuck shutting down and has gave me the option to force stop the server which gives me a error (Cannot run gameserverjob-stop in parallel. Another event of this type is currently running.) I've opened a ticket days ago and still no reply so I opened another ticket still no reply.Paid for a 3 months service and can't even use it! gotta say probably the worst place to buy a game server from.EDIT: SO THEY REPLY ON HERE BUT NOT TO THEIR EMAILS OR SUPPORT TICKETS.

Jordan C·2 days ago
Found on Trustpilot
4 Friends 1 Game, 20 slots?!



Rented Nitrado's servers for ARK:SE before to play with my friends, a decent service, alright performance and aside some minor crashes never really had a problem with Nitrado's servers. A 10 slots server for around 13€/month was IMHO a fair deal.Bought ARK:SA with a couple of friends and needed a server. Only Nitrado? Fine I guess. Well... where are those smaller hosting servers now? Gone it seems. Most of us don't even have 10 friends let alone up to 20 people to actually play the game (not even considering all at the same time) and adding that to the fact where official servers are currently pure cr*p in terms of either stability or playability is just sad.The problem here isn't the price itself, it's the lack of options for smaller groups. Not that 5€ for each friend makes a difference in the end but knowing we are paying 4x the slots which we know for sure we won't ever use them.Are those 20 slot servers more stable and have better performance than a 10 slot one? In that case I would understand the minimum slots increase since it would also improve server performance, even so, there is nothing supporting that this is the case.Forcing a small group of friends to pay more shows Nitrado's lack of interest (thus the monopoly around ARK: SA servers) in supporting smaller communities or groups.

Rafael Mordomo·3 days ago
Found on Trustpilot
Dont buy a nitrado server.



Ordered a server for a month and got charged again. no refunds is what im being told in a ticket. Then the ticket was closed before i could asl any folow up questions. just host your ark survival ascended servers localy.

annoniem·4 days ago
Found on Trustpilot

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