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Pingperfect Customer Support was good…



Pingperfect Customer Support was good and fast to get to and fix my sever Support i got was Alvin Singco they did a good job

Sandy Johnstone·3 days ago
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Promises to fix dont get done



The company opened two servers when we signed up for a trail, took payment immediatly instead of doing the trial, when asked to remove the active server so that we wouldnt be charged twice, they did not, then two days later they terminated the free trial server which had our world on it, took multiple back and forths before they promised to fix it and get our game back. Their way of fixing it, was to give us back the old IP address and not the world we had been playing. Two days of service and two days of issues, run away from this company.

Heather Clare·7 days ago
Found on Trustpilot
Support doesn't work



Support doesn't work! It takes too long and we know that a server cannot stand still because it loses players! My server has been presenting various types of problems and they have never been able to resolve them definitively! Furthermore, they charged me twice for the same invoice and if I didn't see it, I don't even know what would happen, as no one contacted me before I verified the error. and now I've been unable to access the server since 5am and we don't know why?

Marcel Hasslocher·10 days ago
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About Pingperfect

Behind Pingperfect's game servers is a team of programmers, network engineers and players. Through continuous monitoring of the team, the servers are always optimized and kept up to date. As a premium provider, Pingperfect has more than 160 games on offer, so that everyone can find something for themselves. Gamers are supported by Pingperfect at all times, helping with every aspect with the server.

Each Pingperfect server has at least 32 GB of RAM and uses the latest Xeon processors to ensure maximum performance, latency and fun. The game panel can be customized to control all aspects of the game server, whether starting, stopping or reinstalling. At the same time, the servers are monitored around the clock to react immediately in case of possible failures. The customer is notified immediately in case of malfunctions and failures, making Pingperfect an absolutely transparent provider for game servers.


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