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Dont USE! They dont keep Archives! Lost ALL!



They don't keep archives. They had their server crash and never restored it. My group didn't play for a few weeks but Survival Servers kept backing up empty server until the world was lost. No recourse. Just and "oh well" from customer support.

Brian Smith·
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Bad Service/Support, Bad Uptime



Bad Service/Support, Complicated Configuration, Host Service often offline.I had seen Services that are worse than this but it is still very bad.- if you text the support it takes up to 3 days before someone answers. And most times they dont really help.- the website and the server itself is often offline, even it says that it is online- you have to configure all trough the files over ftp. nothing happens if you change something in the control center.- the server goes often offline by itself without a reasonThe only reason why it has 2 stars and not 1 is because the servers are stable when they are online.Gameserver-ID: 168242Regards M3veronMast3r / Justin

Justin Everding·
Found on Trustpilot
First Server & Great Service



This is the first server I've ever had the pleasure of creating. The server settings are vast and various, with helpful tips and many people on the forums willing to help. I ended up running into a server error where my server would not start no matter what I did. I asked for support for help and a supervisor; Peter, was so quick at responding and fixing the issue, it was an absolute pleasure.10/10 Would recommend!

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About Survival Servers

Founded by two friends in 2012, Survival Servers has been really stepping on the gas ever since. With comprehensive features and competitive prices, Survival Servers has quickly made a name for itself.

In order to keep up with the competition in terms of support, the hosting service has expanded its team after just one year. This means that there is 24/7 support. The provider has grown strongly since its founding and always stays on the ball. Thus, in 2019, AMD was brought on board as a secondary chip provider for the Intel platforms. Then they added Ryzen 9 and EPYC server processors to Survival Servers' high-performance lineup. The vendor always focuses on single-threaded performance for all new game series. The highest server FPS was then achieved with the Xeon processors.

Survival Servers is a strong partner when it comes to renting a server. Continuous development and also technical growth, a solid performance is sure here.


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