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Do not use Zap-Hosting



ZAP hosting, was good at first. However, its taken a turn for the worst.They suspended my server for "IP Goofing" even though it was there IP. A few hours later i noticed it down, and asked them about it. I proved them wrong, they refused to refund/add credit that was lost. There support is rude, their servers lack stability, and their dashboard and website is in very, very bad English.I would not recommend using ZAP, for any hosting services, all you will get is bad support. Don't let the price fool you.

Connor Davis·9 days ago
Found on Trustpilot
Minecraft hosting lacks user…



Minecraft hosting lacks user experience..Currently this is my first month renting a server in zap hosting and I'm not really a fan of this hosting.You need to raise a ticket for some plugins because their "anti virus" software detects some obfuscated plugins as virus.. for example plugin: PlugmanX ( easy for developers to enable, disable plugins on the fly without server restart).Also restarting a server takes time and removes some plugins without actually informing you that they are gone.. "virus detected" plugins.No way to see in the log files that the plugin was deleted ( from their website at least).

Roberts P·18 days ago
Found on Trustpilot
Absolutely tragic customer support and…



Absolutely tragic customer support and hardware.DO NOT USE THEIR VIRTUAL SERVERSThey lure you in with these cheap "v-cores" but then don't actually limit your server to what you have bought. So your server just ends up shutting down every 20 minutes so that you buy more cores... The CPUs are terribly slow so by the time you have enough cores to be able to keep your server up doing anything mildly intensive you are paying what you would pay for a dedicated server which would be a lot more capable.I contacted customer support about this issue after about 12 hours of trying to get my server to run without it shutting down on me every 20 minutes by purchasing more and more cores and using software to limit my CPU usage. They referred me to their "fair usage policy" which is just a bunch of gibberish allowing them to rinse you of money. To which I then asked for a refund (after only 12 hours after purchasing a 30 day term, which I think is fair to ask for my money back) for them to only be able to offer me the refund in ZAP COINS. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ZAP COINS??? Buy more of your terrible cores? No thank you...I then said I would contact my bank if they wouldn't refund me and they just copy and pasted the same message they sent before stating I could only get the money back as zap coins, so contacted the bank I did. They agreed with me and then initiated a chargeback for the original payment and the "upgrades" I had purchased to try and keep my server running without it shutting down every 20 minutes.It's now 1-2 months later and they are emailing me saying they are going to get DEBT COLLECTION ONTO ME TO FOR NEARLY 150 EUROS AND IT IS INCREASING EACH MONTH! AFTER I ASKED MULTPILE TIMES FOR A REFUND AND TO CANCEL MY SERVICE!Bear in mind my original invoice for the virtual server was about 30 euros...They are a company that pull numbers out of their arses and I wouldn't go anywhere near them.If you're looking for a Virtual Private Server use or for hosting I would recommend pebblehost.If they claim this review is bogus or try to take it down, Trustpilot please contact me for evidence, I can provide full chat logs as well as invoices and conversations with my bank.

Cameron·19 days ago
Found on Trustpilot

About ZAP-Hosting

The brand has been on the market for more than ten years and offers game servers, Linux VPS, dedicated root servers, TeamSpeak 3 servers and much more. At the same time, the live support is available almost continuously every day to quickly help with any problems.

With passion and experience, the hosting provider has a very good network infrastructure, highly available server performance and DDoS protection as well. All the servers offered can be used either as contract or also prepaid servers.

The programmers at ZAP Hosting also make sure that the innovations on the market are quickly available and incorporated into the ZAP 2.0 web interface.

If you are looking for a game server provider that has been on the market for years and also has good support, ZAP-Hosting is the right choice for you.


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