ANNO Mutationem

ANNO: Mutationem

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Oct 26, 2021

Anno: Mutationem is a cyberpunk game with exciting action-adventure and elements of a role-playing game.

The central character of the plot is Ann, who fights her way through a huge metropolis with other players. Together with the hacker Ayane, Ann fights against underground structures, mysterious fringe groups, bizarre creatures and mega corporations. In terms of graphic style, the game is a mix of 3D environment and a 2D pixel art.

What's special about Anno: Mutationem

To dive into the cyberpunk world of Anno: Mutationem, players can play the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as on PC (via Steam). It is a role-playing game with elements of RPG. The developer is ThinkingStars and the publisher is Lightning Games.

In terms of graphic style, the title is a stylish combination of a modern 3D graphics of the environment with classic 2D elements of the protagonists. This mix is not only to be exploited in terms of gameplay, but also results in an independent and unique look. Thus, in Anno: Mutationem you can have conversations with various characters in the role of Ann, but also walk through 3D areas. Supported by her friend Ayane, the two fighters use the exploration mode.

The gameplay of Anno: Mutationem

The game mainly revolves around battles, chases and adventures. The main character, Ann, wanders around a high-tech metropolis, where there is a queasy feeling of urban malaise and the collision of high technology.

The action begins in Ann's apartment, where she gets a call. She is to visit a bar on the other side of town. There she learns that her brother Ryan has disappeared. Together with her hacker friend Ayane, she sets out to find him. They are soon pursued by a criminal organization. As a result, they get deeper and deeper into an inexplicable and dark world. However, Ann suffers from a disease, so she often loses control of her body during the fight.

The tasks Ann is confronted with

Ann has to shoot her way through the entire game against numerous enemies. In the course of the adventure, primarily a laser sword and hand weapons, but also grenades find their use.

The most important thing is good timing. In addition, Ann must also be able to skillfully use her repertoire of movements. She can double jump as well as dodge the enemy's attacks and make ground strikes at the right time.

Furthermore, the player can improve items, sell objects or buy new equipment in the form of Ann. Last but not least, your task is to eliminate huge bosses but also numerous hordes of enemies.

For whom Anno: Mutationem is recommended

Anno: Mutationem is suitable above all for cyberpunk fans. The adventure game will delight all those who are looking for an exciting storyline and won't shy away from a dark world with sublime characters.

An essential part of the game consists in exploring the levels. Thus, it is definitely recommended for players with a weakness for adventure games.

Anno: Mutationem will also appeal to players who are quite fond of interesting artistic aesthetics. The game's special look can't be compared to any current game.