Battlefield 2042 Beta Release

Battlefield 2042 - all hot air?

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October 15, 2021



The new Battlefield 2042 was eagerly awaited. On 8.10.2021, the time had finally come, the new beta started - and the opinions were rather mixed.

Battlefield 2042 Beta

The game was a lot of fun for most people, but that couldn't hide the bugs and technical problems. At the same time, the beta has great (game) moments. Something is always happening somewhere. There is an enormously large map, great graphics and many gadgets. They can be called via airdrop, just like cars and tanks. This is where the first technical hitch comes in. Because the actually useful airdrop function often didn't work in the beta version - you could hit the button or the keyboard as often as you wanted.

In detail

As expected, the playable content was very limited in the beta. The map Orbital was available and could only be played in Conquest mode. On a positive note, the map is huge, with lots of landscape and greenery. In between there are always small installations for infantry fights. The centerpiece is the missile launching base. If you shoot at the missile at the decisive moment, it flies spectacularly into the air. Looks cool, but has no influence on the gameplay. The classes in Battlefield 2042 have been replaced by specialists. There should be a total of 10 different ones in the final version - but only four were playable in the beta. The problem: All of them looked the same and friend or foe could only be distinguished with difficulty. The specialists can be equipped individually. A little tip on the side: Don't forget the ammo boxes.

Battlefield 2042 has great potential, most people agree on that. But somehow the beta seemed strangely powerless and at least partly gave the impression of an alpha - and that four weeks before release! The glitches and the strange ground conditions are the smallest problem. 90% of the core functions of the game don't work in the beta.

The conclusion

Dice still has a lot to do before the official release date. It remains to be seen whether the fears that Battefield 2042 will take a nosedive just like Cyberpunk will prove true - or whether the gaming smash hit of 2021 awaits us.

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