Bus Simulator 2021 in China Town (via bussimulator.com)

Bus Simulator 21 Release

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Aug 5, 2021

Release date and other changes in the new Bus Simulator

When will Bus Simulator 21 be released?

Bus Simulator 21 will be released on 07 September 2021 by the publishers of Astragon Entertainment. The simulator, which had its first release in 2007 with Bus Simulator 2008, was developed by stillalive studios.

What makes the game stand out?

With Bus Simulator 21, the developers release the most extensive fleet of vehicles in history. Over 30 international buses such as Alexander Dennis or Blue Bird have been licensed, as well as various brands such as Mercedes Benz and many more. You can also master the daily challenges on the road with double-deckers or e-buses.

There are advanced elements in the management. Set up timetables, buy and sell buses and plan efficient routes considering increased passenger traffic at peak times. In addition, the revised traffic and pedestrian AI, as well as improved graphics and dynamic day and night changes, make for a varied bus driving experience. Transport your passers-by safely and on time to their destination - in single player or in multiplayer mode with your friends.