Call of Duty: Games of Summer

Call of Duty: Games of Summer Event

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July 21, 2021



Find out all the news about the new Games of Summer event of Call of Duty: Warzone and how you can represent your nation in this post!

Games of Summer

After Shadow Company arrived on Verdansk, Games of Summer will be an event that will test all players on their skills. Only the most talented soldiers will receive unique rewards. With the start of Season 5 on August 24, 2021, the event will kick off shortly after on August 28. Games will run until September 07.

For the first time in Warzone history, Modern Warfare and free-to-play Warzone players will be able to represent their nation in easy and difficult tasks to earn glorious medals.

5 different tasks

  • Trial One: Risky Parkour (starts on August 28)
  • Trial Two: Gun Course (starts on August 29)
  • Trial Three: Marksman Challenge (starts on August 30)
  • Trial Four: Price's Alley (starts on August 31)
  • Trial Five: Shooting Range (starts September 1)

By participating in the various trials, players will receive various rewards of Weapon Charms, Vehicle Skins, XP Tokens or Legendary Weapon Blueprints. Performance will be measured against the best within your country.

New Weapon

There will be a new weapon in Season 5 with the FiNN LMG. This weapon can be earned by completing an in-game challenge or purchased by buying the 'Mainframe' bundle. It is characterized by its lightness in relation to other LMGs as well as improved recoil control.

New game mode

With 'King Slayer' a new game mode comes to Warzone. In Battle Royale mode, teams can earn points by defeating opposing players in the Team Deathmatch system. The top scorers from the top five teams will be marked as 'Kings' on the map. If you manage to kill one of these Kings together with your team, you will receive additional points and a killstreak.

In addition, Gunfight Tournament will be a tournament open to everyone, in which players can compete against each other in the Verdansk stadium. For Modern Warfare owners, the Ground War mode will be revamped, with three flags positioned in the center of the map, similar to Domination. Capturing all three flags will win you the round. In addition to this, there will be a new operator (Morte) with a western look.

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