Far Cry 6 - A little island trip to Yara

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Oct 25, 2021

Far Cry has had a loyal fan base since the first part was released in 2004. In October of this year, Ubisoft (finally) brought the sixth part of the series onto the market.

So the half dozen is full. The series continues to offer exciting entertainment - but lacks a few things.

Fans of Far Cry know it - the games basically all follow a pattern. In Far Cry 6, you can expect a huge open world shooter with a storyline that spans a total of three islands. As always, first-person shooter fans will get their money's worth in this series. The main protagonist of this series is Dani, a disillusioned ex-military man who joins a guerrilla force to overthrow the dictator Anton Castillo. He does what dictators do best. He rules with an iron hand and will brutally crush even the smallest resistance. The setting of the story Yara is strongly reminiscent of Cuba. Giancarlo Esposito, known to many from the cult series Breaking Bad, was cast in the role of the dictator. How does the whole thing play out? Long Story Short - the gameplay itself hasn't changed much. Dani has to complete missions, recruit people, level up and unlock bases on the three large islands that together form Yara. On each of the three islands there is a Gueriella group that you must convince to join your cause. You'll then storm the capital Esperanza to overthrow the dictator once and for all. FarCry 6's gameplay is extremely entertaining. It's up to you whether you prefer to sneak up on enemies or mow them down with a hail of bullets. There are also numerous side quests, which you can use to unlock the Amigos, your animal helpers, for example. The cockfighting minigame caused some controversy. The weapons offer you a good sound design and react better than in the predecessor parts. However, there is a catch to FarCry 6: you quickly get legendary weapons in the game. As a result, some side quests lose their appeal. In addition, Dani no longer has a skill tree. There are two game modes in total - but they don't change the number of enemies, only the amount of damage. FarCry6 is still a lot of fun with its 30 hours of gameplay, and it's also great to look at.