Far Cry 6 Release (via ubisoft)

Farcry 6 Release

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Aug 13, 2021

All info about the new game from the Farcry series, which will be released this year

When will Farcry 6 be released?

The developers at Ubisoft Toronto have announced the official release date for Farcry 6: October 7, 2021. The release was originally scheduled for February 2021, but was pushed back to October due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath.

On which platforms will Farcry 6 be available?

Farcry 6 will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.

What features will Farcry 6 bring with it?

A new feature is the plugging in of weapons, allowing your player to adapt to the Local Community of Yara. This way you'll be able to stay in hostile environments without the enemy soldiers attacking you immediately.

It will also be possible to ride horses. This was already expected in Farcry 5, especially since the story there took place in Montana. Another change is the introduction of photos to missions on your in-game smartphone, to make the location of the mission clearer. As with Farcry 5, it is possible here to bring in allied friends to help. However, these are not human helpers, but come in the form of the dog 'Chorizo' or the crocodile 'Guapo.


The gameplay is based on the previous Farcry games, so it is an action-adventure first-person shooter game. Ubisoft has already announced that there will be a co-op feature, but more detailed information is not yet available.


The world of Farcry 6 is set on the fictional Caribbean island of 'Yara', which is the largest Farcry map to date. This island is controlled by the fascist "El Presidente" Antón Castillo, who has the entire island under his control. You jump as a player into the role of a local Yaran named Dani Rojas, a former guerrilla soldier who wants to lead his people back to their old honor.

Official gametrailer

You can find the official trailer on YouTube.