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Feb 2, 2021

The market is full of game server providers. And not only serious ones.

Anyone who wants to buy or rent a high-quality game server is at least encouraged to look at comparison websites. But only a little expertise is needed to find the right server for his needs.

Compare game servers on your own

If you have found out what makes a good game server - which can be read in a separate article on this website - you still have to look at your own needs.

Important is of course the price as the most obvious point of criticism. How is the setup fee and the ongoing monthly costs for the game server rental. Here is also a minimum contract period and additional necessary steps such as voice chat implementation to include. These can vary from hoster to hoster already be included in the package, or not.

This is also true for the game server web interface, which can always be different. It is important to get as much information and instructions from the hoster to be able to estimate how complicated the handling of the respective game server is. And quite appropriate to this: How is the support? Every offer stands and falls with good support. A system can be so complex or error-prone. If you quickly get someone from the provider on the line, everything is not so bad. Although you often only sign a prepaid contract, it is really annoying if you can hardly use the already paid server for the whole term due to a lack of support.

Other games, other customs

The specifications for one game may be far too bad or even too good for another. So it is important to pay attention to what kind of services you need for exactly the game you want to play. Providers that offer game servers only in super high quality at a good price may not be suitable for Minecraft gamers, because they do not need the high performance, despite the actually fair price.

Find and use coupons

As in any business, there are also offers and coupons for gameserver hosts. Regularly looking and comparing has already brought some a nice bargain.

Who has already picked out some game server providers that offer good packages, may still be well advised to wait for a voucher or offer. At the very least, however, look at the frequency in which such vouchers are issued.

Internet sites that compare providers anyway can help here. These often also inform about bargains and discount codes. Another very classic method here would be the newsletters that most websites offer to keep you up to date.

Just don't get irritated!

Of course, there are also enough hosts that advertise discounts and offers, but they are actually not. They like to adjust their overpriced prices to cheaper competitors. Of course, this is only one measure.

Always pay attention to specifications and PR behavior of some providers in order to recognize a pattern and not - by simply owning a voucher - make a purchase that turns out to be unfortunate in the end.