Gaming Language

Written on

Aug 5, 2021

The most important terms from the gaming language explained


Multiplayer games often require you to communicate with your fellow players. Since communication often has to happen quickly, we want to explain the most important terms to you here so that you can better understand your fellow players and get a better understanding of the game.

Gaming terms

Aimbotillegal software that is mainly used in shooters and helps the player to aim
afk"away from keyboard" - refers to the absence of a player
all inrefers to a tactic where you use everything
Area Of EffectArea in which area spells are cast - also abbreviated AE or AoE
AssistHelp that a player offers to another player for a kill
BoonReverse spelled: Noob; derogatory term for a beginner
BuffBriefly increases certain characteristics of a fellow player; usually triggered by another player
bunny-hopperTechnique that allows you to jump around like a bunny, making you harder to hit
bg'bad game'
banpermanent blocking or banishment of a player on a certain server
botcomputer-controlled game character, which is supposed to replace human players in multiplayer games
carrydenotes a player character that has to be carried at the beginning of the game in order to develop his potential and lead his team during the course of the game
cooldownrefers to the time that must pass before an ability can be used again - also abbreviated as 'cd'
campergamer who takes a tactically smart person and waits for an opponent
castereSports commentator
CheaterPlayer who gains a game advantage over others by cheating
ClanTeam in eSports
DeathmatchMultiplayer game mode where players spawn again after dying without being eliminated
disconnectdisconnecting a player, player is removed from the game, can also be abbreviated as 'dc'
Discordcommunication platform, often used to announce news about games in general and to give communities a place to connect with each other
dps"damage per second" - means the damage a player can inflict per second
dropa weapon or item is "dropped" - it is dropped, e.g. to support a teammate
dropshotshooting from a crouch or while lying down in a first-person shooter
early gameinitial phase in a game
epexperience points - also abbreviated as 'exp' or 'xp'
ez'easy' - used to express how easily the opponent was defeated
f2pfree to play - business model where the basic content of games can be used for free
flamenunsportsmanlike conduct in which a fellow player is put down
glitchrefers to small errors in computer games
gg'good game' - respectful praise after a game to a teammate or opponent
gj'good job' - praise of an action to a player
gl'good luck' - good luck
gratz/gratsshort for 'congratulations' - congratulations
headglitchmoment when the head is seen over an edge in a first-person or tactical shooter
headshotheadshot in a first person shooter
healhealing a player by items or actions
hf'have fun'
hp'hit points' - life points
incshort for 'incoming' - signals that someone or something is approaching
ingamerefers to activities and messages within the game
invshort for inventory, where the player stores his items
kill/ratiodescribes the ratio of kills and own deaths of the player, e.g. with 10 kills and 5 deaths a K/D ratio of 2
critcritical hit that causes particularly high damage
kapparefers to an emoticon from the streaming platform Twitch, which is used to mark what was said before as a sarcastic statement
kickexpels a player from the server because of his behavior
l2p'learn to play' - derogatory statement towards another player with the request to learn more about the game
lag / laggerrefers to interruptions in the game that occur due to technical problems - the lagger is the person who has a lag
levelingimprovement or leveling up ingame
luckerplayer who was especially lucky
lvlshort for 'level'
mapdenotes the map on which the players are located
knifeeliminating an opponent with the help of a knife
modabbreviation for modification
MVP'most valuable player' - refers to the best player in the previous round
n1short for 'nice' or 'nice one' - appreciative comment
Newbiefriendly term for a beginner in the game
noobunfriendly term for a newbie
overpoweredunits or items that are especially strong compared to others - also 'op' or 'ovp' for short
owndenotes superiority over the other team or player
quittingdropping out of the running game
rage quitgamer who leaves a game out of the moment - usually happens when someone is losing
respawnresurrection of a killed player
Real Lifethe 'real' life outside the gaming world
RTSReal Time Strategy - real time game strategies like Starcraft
rushingtactic where a team tries together to suddenly overrun the opponent
scopenrefers to the use of a sniper rifle in a first-person shooter
scoutscouting the opponents to find out tactics and strength
snipenshort for using a sniper
statsscore statistics in the game
stunstunning an opponent
trainshort for 'training'
wallhackIllegal cheat that allows a player to see through walls and detect enemies
NerfWeakening or adjustment of a certain ability or unit by the developer to correct imbalances and create maximum equality
PvP'Player versus Player' - duel between two players
sweaterA player who takes the game very seriously and puts a lot of effort into winning the game
skillskills acquired in a game (related to the player character as well as the player's own skill)
tankcharacter in a game that has extremely high life, armor or life regeneration to take the damage of the opposing team and thus relieve his team