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Apr 7, 2021

Are you looking for a new PC? Or do you want to pimp your current one and bring it up to date?

We've rounded up hardware for three price tiers that you can use to build your perfect gaming PC!

Starter PC for around 570€.

Around this price point, you'll get a good entry into the world of PC gaming. In 1080p FullHD with moderate to good settings it will run most new games.

The CPU is a small powerhouse for its price of around 80€, at least as far as gaming is concerned. It's fed by 8GB of ram, which is fine for most games, as long as you don't have too many Chrome tabs open in the background.

For the GPU, we're going with the Nvidia 1650 Super which is currently (2020/Feb) available for 170€. If you see an AMD 5500XT at similar prices, go ahead and grab it here. It has double the amount of VRAM, already today there are some games that need more than 4GB VRAM.

As storage medium for the operating system and some of your games we take a 1TB SSD from Samsung which have become very affordable lately. This will boot your computer and games in seconds!

This should be a solid start into the PC world, you won't be able to cut and render blockbusters here, but you can enjoy modern games on this PC as well.

Midrange PC for about 1100€

The prize for the CPU with the best price-performance ratio definitely goes to AMD with the Ryzen 5 3600 and for that reason it lands on our list. Whether gaming, streaming or photo and video editing: This CPU can do it all.

For graphics performance, we again use a GPU from AMD, the RX 5700, which is significantly cheaper than the Nvidia RTX 2060 at the current time (2020/Feb). If that changes, you can buy the 2060.

The SSD also gets a small upgrade, here we go for the super-fast NVMe interface.

King class for about 1900€

This PC is utilizes the Ryzen 9 3900X, a CPU with a whopping 12 cores and high clock speeds that will give you buttery smooth gameplay while you're also streaming, recording video, rendering... heck, whatever you can think of, this CPU conquers it.

Paired with a RTX 2070, you can play brand new games at high resolutions and benefit from the raytracing feature of NVIDIA GPUs, making shadows and reflections look even more realistic.

At this price range, a bit of bling-bling should not be missing either: With RGB LEDs on RAM, CPU cooler, graphics card and motherboard, your case with side window really lights up.

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