Finding good game servers - What to look for

Written on

Jul 1, 2021

Having access to your own game server is without a doubt a dream for many gamers. But if you choose the wrong offer, the dream can quickly turn into a nasty and jerky nightmare.

Is the game server made for my game?

First, of course, it's about the game you want to play. Many game servers offer a limited range of games that are designed for specific games.

You want to play Minecraft? For example, there are some particularly inexpensive offers due to the lower traffic.

For more complex games, you have to pay more money accordingly. Especially if you want more than to play together with a hundred strangers from all over the world on a silent server.

A good game server better comes from the neighborhood

Even if the wording seems exaggerated: it is really relevant that your game server is not located too far away.

Maybe you have already noticed in other parts of the internet or in other games that only offer their own servers, that you have to choose at least your game region, like Europe or America. Sometimes even more detailed between Frankfurt or Berlin.

This is due to the system of dedicated servers that send your signal back and forth. Many of you will already know the signal as ping and possibly even hate it. And the longer this ping lasts, the more difficult it is to have a smooth gaming experience. Even if it's just a few milliseconds. In shooters, for example, these can be absolutely fatal. And so you have rented a super cheap and good game server with bad luck, but playing on it becomes impossible for you.

Conditions and specification of the desired server

Here it becomes - depending upon dealer - also again completely exciting. Many seemingly cheap offers come with nasty fine print.

Make sure that the game server provider is up to date. More often keeps its content up to date and reveals detailed information about the hardware of the individual servers. Note that other games may have different requirements. These also change, for example, according to the number of users.

And regarding the number of users, you should consider beforehand for whom you need the game server. Just for a few buddies? Perfect, then look for special clan servers. They are terrible for huge communities, but excellent for a selected group of people to stay among themselves. Vice versa: don't buy a clanserver if you don't need it. Pay attention to the possible access numbers!

Finally, to buy a good game server, it is important to know the terms of the contract. Is the minimum contract period in a reasonable small frame, are there additional costs for the integration of voice chat?

If you pay attention to all this, there should be few complications or sudden price explosions when purchasing a good game server.