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Minecraft 1.18 Update

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June 24, 2021



The second part of the Caves & Cliffs update is scheduled to arrive at the end of 2021! What can we expect and is the update worth it?

When will the 1.18 update be released?

An exact release date has not yet been announced, but it is certain that it will be released at the end of 2021.

What are the new features in 1.18?

The 1.18 update is the second part of the Caves & Cliffs update. The first part of the update introduced the Skulk Trap, which brings a lot of potential for building.

There will be some differences between the Bedrock and Java editions, but most of the new features are very similar to each other.

Skulk blocks

In the new 1.18 update there will be several Skulk blocks, which will also bring a lot of building potential in a dark blue look. Many players are currently speculating whether these will also have redstone abilities, although this has not yet been officially confirmed. Skulk Blocks will likely be found in the Deep Dark Biome, where other similar blocks will also be located.

Skulk Traps

The effects of the Skulk Traps are currently still unknown, though they are believed to be activated when someone steps on them. The Skulk Traps will also most likely be found in the Deep Dark Biome.

Skulk Chute

As seen in previously released images, the Skulk Chute is the only Skulk Block with a different color. This one can also be found in the Redstone Creative tab. This block is shiny but does not emit its own light to the outside, with its white color it is speculated if it is made of bone, although this has not been officially confirmed. Similar to the other Skulk blocks, it is also believed to be found in the Deep Dark Biome.

Skulk Veins

Skulk Veins are said to be placeable in all directions, just like glow lichen. They are partially transparent, allowing players to see the grass that lies beneath them. They are also located in the Redstone Creative Tab, which allows them to be used in Redstone as well.


Minecraft 1.18 warden

Wardens will also spawn in the Deep Dark biome. These will be completely blind and work with their hearing. Once they sense movement, they will head in the direction of the movement, following and attacking players, mobs, and other things that generate vibrations. It will probably follow the same rules as the Sculk Sensor when they sense a sound.

If a projectile such as a snowball lands right next to the Warden, the Warden will inspect the area where the projectile landed as they hear the movement and sound. This tool can be used to create a distraction. Players who are sneaking will not be detected, but invisible players can be detected.

The Warden does a lot of damage, specifically this means 30(♥ × 15 damage), bringing players with full Netherit armor with full health to 7 health. This makes it a mob designed to be very difficult to flee from. They are at least as fast as players. They have a glowing body, which can become lighter or be dimmed.

Deep Dark Biome

Minecraft 1.18 Depp Dark Biome

The Deep Dark Biome is a new biome in the "deepest depths of the world". This contains Skulk Block, Skulk Scensors and Warden. There will also be several new caves.

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