Minecraft Caves & Cliffs World Generation (Via: Mojang)

Minecraft Snapshot Caves & Cliffs 2

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October 4, 2021



Since the announcement a few months ago, Minecraft fans have been waiting for the second part of the Caves & Cliffs update.

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After all, this update was divided into two updates. The first part of the popular update was already made available to fans in June and the second final step should not be long in coming. The second part of the Minecraft update called Caves is now available as a snapshot. But how do you play the pre-release version of the popular game and what content can you look forward to?

What's behind part 2?

The developers' latest blog entry already shows fans what they can look forward to. This patch is supposed to go so far that the world of the game will look different in the future. What exactly is waiting for you, we will now summarize.

The new biomes

High and snowy peaks, new slopes and cute little forests are waiting for you in the new patch. Also, new impressive caves and many other effects are waiting to be discovered by Minecraft players. But especially the caves and the mountains have benefited from the update, as they will now look much more beautiful and natural in the future.

The generation of caves

The caves are also more extensive in the future and offer players more variety. More corridors and mysterious lakes wind their way through the underground world. After all, the maximum game depth is now also at level -64, previously it was 0, so it's a significant increase. Terrain Variations: The different variations in terrains as well as heights can now occur completely independently of the biomes. So, for example, this makes it possible to have forests or deserts on the hill without having to create a special biome.

Ore distribution

Ore is probably one of the most important materials in the Minecraft world, and it is precisely these that are being redistributed. How this looks exactly, the developers of the game present in a currently still preliminary graphic. However, the decision is not final even today, so there will still be one or two changes. What is important, however, is that there will now no longer be only one specific level that goes for the complete ores. Players will have to make compromises in the future.

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