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New World - the great guide to the game

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Oct 1, 2021

Hardly any game is currently so heavily represented in the headlines as New World.

New World Launch

The game itself was released on September 29, 2021 after three attempts and thousands of players are storming the servers. Despite the full queues, Amazon's new MMO is unstoppable. After numerous betas, New World has already been able to storm the Steam charts and records impressive numbers of more than 220,000 concurrent players, which of course brings with it the full queues and thus a certain waiting time. At the beginning, players need to bring one thing above all - patience!

The classes in New Word

Amazon's MMORPG doesn't offer players the tried and true class system that many are used to from this genre. One's own fighting style is determined with weapons as well as selected skills. This creates different play styles, which in turn are very close to the classes of typical role-playing games, but shine with a much higher flexibility.

The combat system

New World works with an action combat system. Here players equip two weapons, but only one can be active at a time. The "normal" attack is executed with the left mouse button. Stronger attacks are made by pressing the left mouse button longer, so that the attack can "charge up" longer. Blocking is done with the right mouse button.

But that's not all. The more often players fight with a weapon, the more experienced they become, which leads to an increase in weapon level. In New World, so-called talent points are distributed for this, which players can subsequently assign in a separate talent tree of the weapon. This allows new attacks to be unlocked, passive effects to be created and attacks to be strengthened.

Good to know: Heavy weapons are slower, so players need more time for the individual attacks. These include the hammer or the battle axe. In return, they have more force and cause a lot of damage to the opponent with a single blow. Swords and rapids are faster and more mobile than heavy weapons, but cause less damage per strike.

The professions in New World

New World offers players the opportunity to learn different skills and level them up. There are the categories:

  • Collecting
  • Refining
  • Manufacturers

The different categories always build on each other. To produce the different items, you need the appropriate materials.

Example: Players skin animals and process the skin into leather. New armor is now made from the leather.

By collecting, refining, and crafting, players now gain experience points, unlocking new recipes. Higher levels in refining bring even more resources after a refining process and levels in gathering make it possible to mine new and higher quality materials.

How to find items

As you level up, the sources of various materials are displayed in the navigation bar, which makes searching much easier. In the following, we would like to introduce you to the locations of the individual materials:

Ores and Co.

Ores are mainly found in the highlands. These are mountain-like stone formations that can be found in many places in the world of New World. Players can find an overview by pressing the "M" key and selecting "Places with ores" under Options.


Gems are installed in the free sockets of your own armor. These come in many different colors and with different attributes or abilities. Damaged gems are searched for first, which can then be further refined at the stone mason table. The gems can be found at a higher mining level of ores or stones.

Hemp and Co.

Harvesting hemp provides fibers that can now be processed into linen on the loom. Hemp plants can be found in the grasslands or in the forest. Players can also display the plants or locations on the map.


Saltpeter can be found in caves and near various ores. This is needed for the production of gunpowder.

The choice of factions

Players who want to follow the main story of New Word will have to make the first decision in the Wind Circle. There are three different factions to choose from:

  • Syndicate
  • Alliance
  • Marauders

All factions regularly wage wars and fight against each other for territories. Once a territory belongs to a faction, its players receive various discounts and bonuses. These include:

  • Fast travel
  • Tax discount
  • Discounts on houses

The dungeons in New World

The dungeons in this game world are also called expeditions and are one of the most important aspects for many players. Here, groups consisting of five players go into battle together, explore ancient cities, and learn a lot about the individual backgrounds as well as the origins of the various enemy types along the way. However, an expedition requires not only strength, but also brains and creativity. After all, there are numerous puzzles to solve in the ruins. Starting at level 25, players unlock one of a total of six expeditions every ten levels. In the end game itself, another three expeditions await. Whether there will be more in the future is not yet known.

Our opinion of New World

Amazon has inspired a large pool of players with New World. Not without reason. There are many opportunities for players to develop and experience adventures. In addition, there is currently hardly any news in this gaming industry. While many game fans are waiting for new patches for World of Warcraft or want to bridge the time until Diablo IV, other players are attracted by the graphics and the many possibilities. In addition, Amazon's New World inspires with a great deal of freedom in character development. This makes both players who want to get everything out of their own character happy and casual gamers satisfied.