Satisfactory Update 5 (via Steam News)

Satisfactory Update 5

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November 5, 2021


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Since a few days the fifth update of Satisfactory is now in experimental state.

Update 5 of Satisfactory - and the Steam world is upside down

Since the Update the game is going through the roof again. Reason enough for us to take a closer look. The normal version of the update should follow in a few weeks.

That's what it's all about

Satisfactory is a classic open-world construction game played in the first-person perspective. You land as an employee of FICSIT on a foreign planet and have the task to mine the resources there. To do this, you build a factory with which you can mine iron ore, for example. You send the ore to your clients in space. In exchange, you'll receive more advanced technologies that you can use to improve and expand your factory. Also, in the game you'll constantly optimize your logistics and your work processes, so that your factory works even more efficiently. In this way, over time your factory will grow and you'll be able to assemble more and more complex objects and send them to your clients. There are no upper limits to the construction of your factory, so nothing stands in the way of a multi-story building. You can also explore the planet and get to know the inhabitants. By the way, the game was developed by the Swedish Coffee Stain Studio, which also developed the Goat Simulator.

New update - new possibilities

With the fifth update, existing game elements have been revised and improved.


The update contains extensive mapchanges. The Northern Forrest has been completely reworked, and there is also something new to discover in the desert. Existing caves have also been adapted and embellished.

Transport system

The transport system for vehicles and trains has (finally) been reworked. The vehicles have new truck station UI's and a modified pathfinding system. In general, the vehicles should become more reliable with the update. If one of your vehicles goes off the path and falls off, you can teleport it back onto the track. Coffee Stain Studios also introduced train collisions with the update, as well as train signals. The train stations have also been revamped. There are now loading and unloading categories, respectively conditions - that is, which item should go where.

Changes to the construction mode

With the update also came extensive changes to the construction mode. Now zooping and quickselect are possible. Ramps can also be built easily. The foundations are completely omitted for this. In addition, walkways can be snapped - as well as columns and stairs. In the building menu, there is now the sub-item Architecture, where you have access to various new building items, for example. With the Customizer you can make the walls colored, for example, or other materials can be used. The paint gun, however, has disappeared from the menu. With the new functions you can individualize your factory even more, which is extremely advantageous for the multiplayer mode.

Complex Clearence

Elements with hard and soft clearence can be combined. Theoretically, you could use this function to build a conveyor belt through a constructor, for example. With Complex Learence you can also build airspaces that are part of the building, for example with constructors.

Dedicated Server

For all multiplayer fans, the new update also offers a special treat, namely a Dedicated Server. At the moment, however, this is only available via Steam.

Design elements

Last but not least, the new update also brings new design elements for your factory. These include new columns, walls, roofs, windows, steel beams, fences. There are also signs at last.

About the game


Coffee Stain Studios


Coffee Stain Studios


March 19, 2019


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