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June 18, 2021



All news about the paid expansion pack Ark Genesis Part 2 and the new game Ark 2

Upcoming events for Ark

Ark Genesis Part 2

In January, Wildcard released Genesis Part 1, a story-oriented DLC pack for the game Ark. In this simulation you play on five different minimaps, between which you can travel by teleport. In this simulation there are new features, such as the avalanches, the oxygen vents and different missions, which include TEK items.

Genesis: Part 2 is the fifth and last paid DLC expansion pack for Ark: Survival Evolved and is available through the Genesis Season Pass. You can get it for €24.99 on Steam.

What's new in Genesis Part 2?

In Genesis Part 2, you'll dive into a new physical world with strange biomes and exotic creatures. You'll have to prove your survival skills in new missions. These will be put to the test with new taming, weapons and items. Also special is the contrast between idyllic shady fields to dark areas.

In a great battle you'll have to defeat the serial villain Rockwell to positively influence the fate of humanity and shape the future. Not only are there new story-oriented missions that you can tackle at your pace, but also 'Hyperspace', a mode that turns the sky purple at night and brings with it hundreds of stars. The asteroids in the Space Area also change afterwards. In addition, there are other environmental changes, such as Eden Zone, Tek Trenches, Corrupted Gardens, Rockwell's Proliferation, the S.U.M.P. and the Space Area.

In addition, several new exotic creatures are added, especially the new R creatures bring 19 new biome-specific variants with their new genus.

Here is the official trailer for the launch of Genesis Part 2:


Ark 2

After releasing the first part of Ark: Survival Envolved in June 2015, Studio Wildcard has now announced Ark 2 for the year 2022. Even though not much information has been released yet, the gametrailer makes it clear that it will also be a survival MMO.

Those who have seen the trailer will recognize an old acquaintance named Santiago Da Costa, who is embodied by Vin Diesel.

Here is the official trailer:


About Santiago Da Costa's backstory: he sacrifices himself in the Extinction addon to lure Titans away from camp. In the process, he throws himself into an iconic fighting robot, which he developed himself.

What does this mean for Ark 2?

If you look closely at the trailer, you'll see that Santiago is the leader of a group that doesn't yet have the TEK equipment, which leads us to believe that Ark 2 takes place at an earlier time or that Santiago teleported to another Ark using the teleportation technology of the iconic battle robots. We probably won't get the answer to this question until 2022.

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