Valheim Hearth & Home Update (via Steam News)

Valheim Hearth & Home Update

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August 26, 2021



All info about the first update of the survival game Valheim

Hearth & Home Update

The game Valheim had an incredible hype in the beginning, meanwhile it has become a bit quieter around the survival game. But this will change with the new update, in which there will be improvements in the food system.

The first major update since the release in February 2021 should be released in September 2021 at the latest.

What's new in the update?

The biggest change is related to the food system, where the prepared food will be divided into three categories: Health(Red), which boosts health, Stamina(Yellow), which boosts stamina, and Balanced(White), which boosts both health and stamina. With the help of a fork symbol on the item, it will be possible to see which value is buffed more in the future.

The foods shown in the trailer have lower values compared to before. It is not yet possible to say exactly what this means. In addition, the foods have a new "healing value", whereby, for example, cooked lox meat brings 50 health and heals by 4 health per tick. Also in the HUD it should be recognized faster when hunger sets in again. This is implemented by an icon of the active food, in which a countdown is also displayed when it is time to eat again. All in all, we can look forward to a first update that brings some positive changes with it.


Here is the official trailer for the Hearth & Home update

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Iron Gate AB


Coffee Stain Publishing


February 2, 2021


Adventure, Open-World


Mac OS X, Linux, Windows