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Valheim Ships and the Sea Update

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August 6, 2021



All info about the Ships and the Sea and the Cult of the Wolf update

What is the Ships and the Sea update?

The 'Ships and the Sea' update is the third update that the developers of Valheim have announced in their roadmap for 2021. An exact release date has not been announced yet.

This update will most likely bring an improved configuration of the ships as well as a boss in the Ocean Biome. If you look closely, you can see various monuments in the background of the ocean, which are so far without meaning. Perhaps these can be explored in more detail with the new update.

When will the new Cult of the Wolf update be released?

In March of this year, Valheim recorded 5 million sold game versions of Valheim for the first time and thrilled the gaming community worldwide. For this reason, the developers of Iron Gate have announced several updates on their roadmap for 2021, among which is also the Cult of the Wolf update. A concrete release date does not exist yet, but it is known that this is the second of four announced updates.

What features does the new update bring with it?

This update will most likely bring a major expansion to the Mountain Biome. Specifically, this could be mini-bosses, new enemies, but most importantly a new combat system and probably new items around the snow theme. Others also suspect an update regarding certain Mountain Caves, which could be similar to Troll Caves.

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