Activate whitelist at Space Engineers

If you only want to play with your friends and no one else, you can whitelist them. We explain how you can do that

Written on Dec 14, 2021

To activate the whitelist you need the group ID. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a group on Steam and invite your friends.
  2. Log in to Steam via the browser (at
  3. Go to the group you just created
  4. Now you have a URL that looks like this:
  5. Add /memberslistxml/?xml=1 after the URL and press Enter
  6. In the second line you will find your group ID under the line
    1. <groupID64>103582791434180792</groupID64>
  7. This is your group ID
  8. Go to the directory of Space Engineers and open the file SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg and scroll down to the very bottom
  9. Add the line <GroupID>0</GroupID> and replace the 0 with your group ID
  10. Save the file and restart your server

All members you want to whitelist must be in the group. Once the whitelist is activated, only members who are in the group and therefore on the whitelist can join the server.

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