Create missions in ArmA 3

Create, upload and configure missions to have your very own game experience

Written on Apr 12, 2023

How do I create a mission?

  1. in the main menu go to create game
  2. select a map and click on 'Editor - New'
  3. double-click on the figure in the upper left corner and add a unit to it
  4. give the mission a name and save it
  5. open your directory where your mission is located in Arma 3
    1. by default: Users\USER\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\PROFILENAME\missions
  6. create a text file with the name description.ext
  7. add the following lines
respawn = "BASE"; // Marker needed with name respawn_west
respawnDelay = 1; // restart delay in seconds
enableDebugConsole = 2; // make debug console and thus bird's eye view available in game
joinUnassigned = 0; // Automatically join a free slot
  1. with the Esc key and a subsequent click on Camera you can now switch to the bird's eye view

Done. Have fun!

How do I upload a mission?

  1. create a mission or download one from the internet

  2. depending on your server, upload it with a FTP client to your mpmissions folder

  3. go to your Arma folder and create a file named server.cfg

  4. add the following lines:

    class Missions {
        class name of the first mission{
    	template = mission;
    	difficulty = difficulty
        class name of second mission{
    	template = mission;
    	difficulty = "difficulty"
    1. for each additional mission put square brackets again
    2. under template = insert the correct name of your mission
    3. maybe your mission file ends with .pbo, you dont have to consider this under template (for mission.pbowrite onlymission`)
  5. save your file.

  6. done. Have fun!

How do I configure a mission?

The settings of a mission are configured when you create it. There you can set the various parameters, such as difficulty, name, map, etc.

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