Enshrouded server is not displayed in the game

The phenomenon that your Enshrouded server is not displayed in the game can be frustrating. We give you some tips.

Written on Feb 6, 2024

Don't worry, we have compiled helpful information and solutions here to help you resolve this issue. Follow the steps and regain full access to your gaming experience in Embervale.

Avoid these errors

  • Try to avoid umlauts and special characters in the server name
  • If your server is running on a root server, it never hurts to check the firewall settings
  • Add your server as a favorite on Steam (more on this below)
  • You are using the wrong port when connecting
    • [IP]:[QUERYPORT]. Example: (Important: Don't forget the colon)

To add your server to your Steam favorites

Adding your server manually to the Steam favorites will help in most cases.

  1. Find out your IP and your PORT
    1. You should have received these from your game server hoster or be able to read them in the web interface
    2. Important: Look for the Query Port
  2. Open Steam
  3. Click on View at the top
  4. Then click on Game server
  5. Switch to the tab Favorites
  6. Click on the button with the + at the bottom to add a new server
  7. Enter your IP and port that you selected in step 1 in the input field
  8. Now start the game and open the server browser of Enshrouded
  9. Then click on Update
  10. Now you should be able to see your game server
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