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On a battlefield, peace only returns when the battle is over and the Grim Reaper starts collecting the fallen soldiers. "Battlefield 4" is anything but quiet. Anyone familiar with the "Battlefield" series knows that you have to be constantly on the move to survive here, because the opponent uses every second to beat you.



Xbox One, Playstation 4, Windows


Oct 29, 2013




EA Digital Illusions CE

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Rent Battlefield 4 Server

Aim and fire!

The gameplay itself hasn't changed much. However, the "Battlefield 4" version has greatly increased the content of your character's customization options.You can choose between many more vehicles, but more importantly, weapons and better specialize. So if you want to exploit your skills as a sniper, this is just as possible as to familiarize yourself with the world of air combat as a beginner.

Battlefield 4

On a battlefield, peace only returns when the battle is over and the Grim Reaper begins to collect the fallen soldiers. Battlefield 4 is anything but quiet. Those who know the "Battlefield" series know that you have to be constantly on the move to survive here, because the enemy uses every second to beat you.

You don't necessarily have to be good on your feet.

Like its predecessors, "Battlefield 4" is a war simulation. Alone, in co-op mode or with your own team, you can go into battle to run enemy teams into the ground. You can act as a simple foot soldier, in the infantry or as a sniper. The wide range of vehicles and machines available in Battlefield 4 makes it possible to fight on land, in the air and even on water! With helicopters you can fight battles in the air, as well as with fighter jets. Tanks and motor vehicles fight their way through rough terrain - and with speedboats you can dash across rivers and through straits. Jet skis are also included - and your soldier has been equipped with the ability to swim, so don't be afraid to drown if you ever fall off the boat. Battlefield 4 gives you the chance to fight not only on a battlefield, but also to switch from a frog's-eye view to a bird's-eye view. And if you feel like it, you can even ride a quad into an elevator and terrorize the upper floors of a skyscraper.

Our impression

Battlefield is one of the most successful war simulation series on the market. The graphics are good and the gameplay is fast. We liked the vehicles that were integrated into the content the most, though. The different visors and game perspectives, which are different for each vehicle, make the game look very authentic. It's definitely exciting on the battlefield. There are always new maps and gadgets to discover. If you are looking for a fast and exciting war simulation, Battlefield 4 is the right choice for you! You want to experience "Battlefield 4" yourself? We can help you find a server and compare the providers on the net for you! Play alone, with your friends or with the online community! All you have to do is choose the best offer and start your adventure!