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Farming Simulator 2017, the digital agricultural simulator for the ambitious farmer, of course, has a dedicated server. Farming Simulator 2017 accommodates from 4 to 16 players, ranging from a small family farm to a state-of-the-art farm with elaborate commercial vehicles. The game is licensed to a few companies, Gameservercheck checks the LS 17 server providers and offers you a clear comparison of prices and performance.

So become a digital farmer and rent a LS 17 server today!

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Windows, Mac OS X


Oct 25, 2016




Giants Software

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  • Several Configs / Players per Server
  • Own Hardware
  • RCON, FTP and web interface
  • Prepaid System
  • 24/7 Support
Disk spaceN/A
Slots4 - 200
5,09 €
1,27 €/Slot
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  • Official Partner
  • Premium Hardware
  • Own Hardware
  • 100% Green Electricity
  • No Contracts
Disk spaceN/A
Slots4 - 16
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10 % for everything
7,49 €5,40 €
1,87 €/Slot
1,35 €/Slot
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Rent Farming Simulator 2017 Server

What is Farming Simulator 2017?

Farming Simulator 2017 is developed as always by GIANTS Software and invites you into an idyllic landscape that offers an exciting world of modern farming for fans. Have you ever imagined yourself in the life of a farmer and the challenges such as livestock, field work, timber and the sale of their goods to the man to bring? Alone or with your friends on an LS17 server, you decide how to manage your farm in the best possible way and lead it to success in a large, freely accessible world. In the course of the game you can control and use over 250 original agricultural vehicles and their accessories. The wide range of international renowned manufacturers such as very popular brands of the AGCO Group, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and many more were licensed for the LS17 as in the predecessors LS15 also.

Mods or modifications

In Farming Simulator 17, mod support is again a big issue, but as always GIANTS Software tries to keep it simple and straightforward. So you can also look forward to great mods from the community with LS17.

Servers are almost mandatory?

If you want to get something done or run a sensible economy with friends, you can't avoid getting a Farming Simulator 17 server. Because only this gives you the possibility to manage a farm like in real life with employees. Let's be honest, it's a lot more fun to chop corn with a friend than alone in singleplayer. So go ahead and get your Farming Simulator 2017 server.

Gameservercheck helps!

Here at Gameservercheck we list all Farming Simulator 17 hosters and collect the performance data of the servers for you. Providers often differ in the storage space or sometimes want high amounts of money for more memory where you can store your mods. And please remember that it is better to go to a more expensive hoster that offers you performance and storage space than to one which is cheap but everything goes haywire.