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Welcome to outer space

Stationeers takes you into the depths of space, where you fight for survival as a pioneer on distant planets. Build and operate complex space stations, solve tricky challenges and explore the infinite expanses of space. With detailed simulation and challenging gameplay, Stationeers offers a unique gaming experience that will captivate you. Get ready to explore the frontiers of the universe and leave your mark in space.





Dec 12, 2017


Space, Open-World, Survival



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Rent Stationeers Server

Welcome to space: a brief introduction

Stationeers takes you into a futuristic world full of challenges and opportunities. As a pioneer on distant planets, you must build your own space station, mine resources and juggle complex systems in order to survive.

Build your space station

Build your own base in space and customize it to your liking. From air and water supply to power generation - you have full control over the construction of your station.

Survive in the merciless vastness of space

Every decision counts when it comes to surviving in space. Manage your resources wisely and keep track of vital systems to defy the dangers of space.

Explore the universe

Dive into the infinite vastness of space and discover new planets, asteroids and more. Collect valuable resources to upgrade your station and research new technologies.


Stationeers offers a deep and challenging gaming experience for space enthusiasts and tinkerers. With its realistic simulation and complex mechanics, the game is a must-have for anyone who wants to explore the frontiers of the universe. Get ready to experience your own space adventure and build a station that can withstand the vastness of space.