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Among Us Hype

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October 5, 2021


Things to know

In the multiplayer game Among Us, ten players can play an exciting game together on the smartphone, tablet or computer and experience many varied adventures.

Among Us in the presentation

In the process, players have to complete many joint tasks on board as a spaceship crew. This takes place in the form of small and funny as well as exciting mini-games, which definitely bring along a lot of fun. Players take care of the maintenance and at the same time have to unmask so-called "Imposter", i.e. intruders. The Imposter sneaks secretly onto the respective spaceship and tries to put the entire crew out of action.

The Imposter is also one of the 10 players and is therefore a part of the player group. Their task is to sabotage the spaceship and kill one by one. However, they must not be caught doing this. Voting takes place regularly to determine which players are suspected and must leave the spaceship. Once the imposter is discovered, the game is won for the remaining players.

The Among Us Hype

While it was very quiet around the game for the first time, it has suddenly become a real hype. Meanwhile, the free game is played by thousands of players day after day. No wonder, because after all it was a great way to stay in touch with other friends during the lockdown, to experience something together and to have a lot of fun.

The game is also widely available on YouTube and is featured and played on various channels, so it's hard to get around it. Besides, Among Us, on the other hand, is a real change from the many other games that you can play with friends. No wonder, because here the thrill is guaranteed and every round is always very new and individual. In the meantime, groups of players arrange to play together, and the fact that the game is also free means that Among Us should definitely be tested together.