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July 30, 2021


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All info about the beta version of the new game Frozen Flame

What is Frozen Flame?

Frozen Flame is a multiplayer survival action RPG. In this world of dragons, learn the magic of flames, craft unique weapons, build your own shelter and team up with other players to defeat the cursed creatures. In the process, you'll fight many epic bosses as well as countless dangerous monsters in a third-person combat system.

Is there an Early Access?

The official Frozen Flame game is not yet on the market, but the developers from Dreamside Interactive have announced a release for 2021. Currently you only have the possibility to buy 3 different versions of the beta version on There you can choose if you want to buy the Hunter Bundle, Hero Bundle or even the Titan Bundle.


On YouTube you can find the official gametrailer for the game.

About the game


Dreamside Interactive


Dreamside Interactive


December 31, 2020


Adventure, Role Play, Survival