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Farming Simulator 2022 Updates

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October 7, 2021


Update, Things to know

Already at the end of 2021, the popular Farming Simulator 2022 is scheduled to be released with all-new features, as well as new graphics and many interesting brands.

News about Farming Simulator 2022

The first information in the form of press releases, screens and trailers was released in April. But what exactly is new and what can players look forward to? We clarify.

New features

New features in Farming Simulator make players' hearts beat faster. For example, seasons are finally made possible from home. Players can now play in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Furthermore, the developers are now implementing the players' desire for productions. This means that you can now take the wheat from the harvest to a grain mill, which then produces flour from it. This then goes to the bakery, for example, to make bread, and the baked goods can also be transported to the supermarket. So there are many new possibilities to discover.

The developers have also integrated new types of fruit. For example, you can find grapes for the production of grape juice or olives. Also millet can now be mined and further processed or used as animal feed.

Even more functions

There are many more new features, which we do not want to withhold from you. For example, the license plates can be customized and the sound is also new and different. Likewise, there are now new game characters to choose from.

The gear shift

Players now have a gear selection and can choose forward, neutral or reverse. This mainly affects the youngtimers as well as the vehicles that are operated by manual transmission in real life. are operated by manual transmission.

Combine harvesters

Combine harvesters have got a new feed animation in LS22. Furthermore, some models have a tilt adjustment, which leads to the fact that the cutterbar is adapted to the soil conditions.


Anyone who cultivates will quickly notice that small stones now appear in the field. Those who cultivate the field with a plow must expect larger stones. Both the small and the large stones can be collected with a stone collector so that they can then be sold at the stone crusher. However, if you leave the stones in the field, you have to expect wear and tear on the machine. However, this option can also be deactivated if desired.

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