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New maps, new features and new machines, the Landscape Simulator 22 has a lot to offer. At the same time, LS 22 is still suitable for beginners in the field of simulators. In multiplayer mode, up to 16 players can play together. Technically, the game has also been upgraded, so that the performance has been significantly improved and more complex modifications are possible. Play on three different maps with a choice of more than 40 different models of tractors, loader wagons, combine harvesters and much more.



Xbox One, Windows, Playstation 4, Mac OS X


November 22, 2021




GIANTS Software

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Rent Farming Simulator 2022 Server

More than 40 vehicle models

Landscape Simulator 22 comes with a multiplayer mode for up to 16 players, with crossplay coming in all likelihood. The farming experience can be lived out on three different maps. Thus, there is a French map not yet named, a little-known US map called "Elmcreek" and the map "Erlengrat" known from Alpine DLC.

In the new LS 22, the seasons now change completely automatically, which was not the case until now. In addition, there will now also be productions for the first time. Then, for example, the corn can be driven to the mill after the harvest has been brought in, in order to then produce flour here. Then it goes on to the bakery for the production of baked goods. These can then be sold or delivered to a supermarket. Whether you take care of the transport of the goods yourself or have this done for a small fee is entirely up to you. Apart from the possibility of productions also new fruit sorts come with the LS 22. Here there are then for example grapes and also olives, with it then also wine and olive oil can be manufactured.

An absolute highlight are the vehicles. The vehicles have a gear shift, completely after the actual reality by hand shift and also the license plates are customizable. The combine harvesters have also received a new feed animation. In this, they have a tilt adjustment, which allows the cutterbar to adapt to the soil at hand. Apart from that, there are now stones on the fields, how these will affect the game is not out yet. In addition, the game characters can be equipped with different clothing.

With more than forty different models of vehicles, no player's dream remains unfulfilled. For example, there are different tractors from Case, Fendt, John Deere and Massey; combine harvesters from New Holland; field sprayers from Berthoud Raptors, as well as the most diverse models in seed drills, balers, dump trucks, loader wagons and much more.

Better performance for the farming experience

Significantly improved performance has been provided with DirectX 12 support on Windows systems. Thus LS 22 offers multi-threading optimization, occlusion culling, texture streaming and edge smoothing has been improved. This means that there will be much better modifications in the future. Technically, a lot of things have been improved for the players.