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Farming-Simulator 22 Release

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August 2, 2021



Farming Simulator 22 and the changes from the predecessor

When will Farming Simulator 22 be released?

The developers from Giants Software GmbH have announced an official release date of November 22, 2021. Available will be the game on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia.

What's new in LS 22?

For the first time, Giants itself will be doing the publishing. Those who have already seen the short trailer will have understood that there will be four seasons in LS 22 for the first time. From further already leaked screenshots it has been found out that also the milking machine Lely Astronaut will be in the game - Lely was already represented as a manufacturer before, but not for animal breeding. Likewise, the Fendt Katana will also be present in LS 22.

In addition, animal breeding will be significantly improved and will offer more immersion. As before, there will be new crops, maps and mechanics, but there are no concrete details yet. Overall, the technology has been improved, which means we can look forward to more realistic AI, texture streaming and many other things that will provide better performance and visuals.

The official teaser trailer