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Left4Dead The Last Stand Update

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November 14, 2021



For its 11th birthday, Valve has given Left4Dead a big update.

Left4Dead "The Last Stand Update" - by the fans for the fans

In 2009, Valve brought the zombie smash hit Left4Dead onto the market. After 11 years, the studio has finally given the game a second major update, following Cold Stream in 2012. Fittingly, the update has been given the name The Last Stand. However, "The Last Stand" is only available for the PC players among you.

Valve has also gone to a lot of trouble with it. There are over twenty new survival maps, four new scavenge arenas, the animations have been reworked and there are new voicelines. There are also two new weapons: The pitchfork and the shovel.

From fans for fans. Valve designed and launched the update together with the fans. Left4Dead may already have a few years under its belt, but it still has a loyal and large fan community.

The lighthouse - once notorious as a death trap - is now no longer quite so deadly, but offers you a way out. This, however, leads through the middle of a horde of infected people. After all, you don't want to get bored. With the Tank Run and the RocketDude, there are also two new mutations that you have to fight. That's a promise: The update will definitely challenge you!

What else is new in Left4Dead - the Last Stand?

Some technical issues have also been worked on. There are bug fixes and improvements in the PvP mode. The user interface has also been touched up. In addition, a lot of bugs and exploits have finally been fixed. Oh yes, in the meantime you can officially implement your weapons from Counter Strike on all servers.

Finally uncensored with us too

Since January 2021, the game has also been removed from the list of indexed games. This means that you can officially play Left4Dead uncut in all versions and slaughter the zombies with all splatter effects. By the way, this works both on the consoles and on the PC.