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Slaughter zombies and mutants and bring survivors to safety. What might read like the universal description of a survival horror is just incredibly fun, not least since the big update in September 2020. We are of course talking about Left4Dead, THE zombie horror classic, which by the way is playable uncensored.



Linux, Mac OS X, Windows


Nov 17, 2009


Ego-Shooter, Horror, Survival



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Rent Left 4 Dead 2 Server

On the market since 2008 - and not a bit quiet

Zombies are all the rage - and have been for years. You just can't get the undead dead. Okay, that one was bad. In addition to the old familiar Resident Evil, there's another zombie smash hit that's been around "from the beginning," so to speak.

Launched in 2008 by Turtle Rock Studios and Valve, the game still enjoys great popularity and a loyal crowd of gamers. So it's no problem to find fellow players, for example for the PvP mode as well as for the campaigns.

Zombies - and what the green flu has to do with it

Left4Dead offers you zombies and terrible mutants as far as the (player's) eye can see. Because the ordinary zombie doesn't sweep anyone off their feet anymore. The story of the game is actually briefly explained. Mankind has been infected with the so-called "green flu" and is now mighty hungry for survivors. As a player you slip into the role of one of the four survivors Francis, Bill, Zoey or Louis and you try to fight your way through together and not let the zombies nibble at you. However, Valve leaves what exactly happened and how the four met in the dark.

Survival is everything

The goal of the game is - who would have thought it! - that all four survivors escape from the city. At the end of each campaign, which consists of five maps, you must reach a safe room. Primarily, you'll fight with ranged weapons for which you'll also find enough ammunition, which is a big difference to the other zombie horror survival games. Because there it goes out quite often and you are then allowed to fight with the zombies and mutants. The AI is also inventive and presents you with new challenges every time. Yesterday the zombies were still behind the house - today they greet you right at the front door. Yesterday there were weapons in the closet - today it's a MediPac.

To make sure you don't get bored, there are different types of infected. The "normal" ones and the special infected aka mutants such as a Witch, who can be easily recognized by her horrible crying, or Smoker, who has a, shall we say, very captivating nature.

The Weapons

The arsenal of weapons is, as already mentioned, primarily focused on ranged weapons. For example, you'll be able to blast away the zombies around you with a UZI or the tried and true shotgun. But of course you'll also be able to use your fists to push away the zombies around you. You'll also find lots of useful things in the game, such as pain pills or MediPaks.

Versus Mode

In Versus Mode you can play with up to eight players. Four of you are the survivors, the other four are particularly infected. What's especially fun about this is that teams can be swapped after each round.

Left4Dead impressively proves that zombie games - no matter how old they are - are far from being old hat.