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Roadmap for Hell Let Loose in 2021

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July 9, 2021



New elements in 2021 at Hell Let Loose such as flamethrower, campaign mode and more news.

What all is to come in 2021?

In this Twitter post, the developers of Black Matter Pty Ltd have announced their roadmap for 2021. There, various new elements such as flamethrowers, Russian weapons and cars, as well as a campaign mode can be seen, which has already caused enthusiasm in the community. Since the Early Access version has already been released on Steam on June 06, 2019, the extremely challenging World War II shooter game has received very positive feedback.

More news can be read in the developers' weekly letter format, which is regularly announced via Twitter and Steam.

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Black Matter Pty Ltd


Team17 Digital Ltd


June 6, 2019


Strategy, MMO, Ego-Shooter