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In war, it's a matter of naked survival. It's the same with Hell Let Loose. Your prerequisites: you are a soldier, with a battalion of 50 men behind you. Together you form a unit that fights its way through historical battlefields of human history. And whether you win or lose is solely up to your skills.





June 6, 2019


Strategie, MMO, Ego-Shooter


Black Matter Pty Ltd

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Rent Hell Let Loose Server

The hell of the past

The setting of this game is the Second World War. But you've never experienced it like in this game. The gameplay has such realistic graphics that we often wondered if we were in a cutscene or already in the gameplay. Moreover, nothing about the war is glorified. Not a single soldier looks like he is having fun in combat. Combined with the historical maps (abandoned streets in European cities, destroyed villages, fallen church towers) and the detailed uniforms, vehicles, weapons and sounds, this is a war simulator that brings back the Second World War.

Hell Let Loose

In war, it's a matter of bare survival. This is also the case in "Hell Let Loose". Your requirements: you are a soldier, with a battalion of 50 men at your back. Together you form a unit that fights through historical battlefields of human history. And whether you win or lose is solely up to your skills.

Hell on Earth

The developers of Hell Let Loose have given one of the worst subjects in the world, war, something that rarely anyone succeeds in doing: beauty. Don't get us wrong, there is nothing positive or beautiful about war. But the landscapes and the authenticity of the areas you cross during your campaigns are so realistic and beautifully done that you just have to take your time to admire them - even if a hail of bullets is coming your way. The setting is simple: 50 against 50 in a given map. Whoever is still standing at the end wins. But "Hell Let Loose" is not an 08-15 war simulator where the goal is to mow down every single enemy. There is also a lot of emphasis on strategy. And attack is not always the best defense here. You can decide whether you want to fight at the front, or whether you prefer to use your skills to build tanks, guns and weapons, create barricades or handle dynamite. If you don't have enough information about the enemy, you also have the option to sneak through the enemy ranks as a lone fighter and gather information. Both teams have the same goal: to win.

Ready for a battle in the past?

Oddly enough, we can even add an educational value to "HellLet Loose", since the scenes and the details are all so authentic that you feel directly immersed in the battles of World War II. The game is not for the faint of heart and when you play it, you should definitely keep in mind that you are moving through real historical battlefields. If your curiosity is piqued and you want to try "Hell Let Loose" by yourself or with your friends, we will help you find a server and compare the providers on the net for you! All you have to do is choose the best offer and start your adventure!