Admin commands in Citadel

Admin commands are useful to manage your Citadel server correctly. And if the patience thread is sometimes torn, cheat commands help out.

Written on Jun 3, 2021

Item IDs

A current list of all item IDs can be found at

You need these IDs for the /giveitem command. The list helps you to always get the right item, e.g. a weapon.

Admin Commands

/snapshot|/statdumpStores in the log a snapshot of the world including number of players and other important data
/server_kick|/gtfo <player> <reason>Kicks a player with the given reason. The player gets the reason for the kick displayed
/server_ban|/ban <player> <reason>Bans a player from the server forever and kicks them immediately if they are currently on the server. The reason will be shown to the player when they try to log in again.
/server_unban|/unban <player>Unban the player and allow them to play on the server again.
/whois <player>Gives information about the specified player (like Steam64ID)
/admin_delete|/wipe <player>Deletes the specified player from the server. If the player is online, he will be kicked from the server immediately. Admins can also delete themselves with this command.
/admin_login|/iamgod <password>Try to make yourself an admin. If the correct password is entered, you are admin.
/admin_update <new password>Sets a new admin password. All other admins have to log in again with the new password
/admin_logoutRemoves admin rights; but can be requested again with the server password
/admin_autosaveSaves all online characters automatically
/cinecamTurns on smooth cam and ghost
/smoothcamCauses the camera to interpolate over time towards the pawn's facing rotation.
/smoothnessSets the speed of the smoothcam; parameter between 0.5-5
/togglemeshesmakes the person invisible
/flyturns on flying. Costs no mana and speed.
/ghostSame as flying with the difference that you can't run against other players.
/flightspeedSets the flight speed when flying is activated.
/admin_startstatsStarts recording the server for performance analysis. Attention: Files can get very large very fast
/admin_stopstatsStops the recording of the performance analysis

Cheat Commands

/setname <name>Changes your player name to the given name. Maximum length of 12 characters.
/givexp <number>Gives you between 0 and 10,000 XP per command
/giveresources <number>gives you between 0 and 1,000 of the given resource (wood, stone, runic energy
/resourcesGives you 10,000 of each resource (wood, stone, runic energy)
/givewood <number>Gives you between 0 and 1,000 of the resource wood
/givestone <number>gives you between 0 and 1.000 of the resource stone
/giverune <number>gives you between 0 and 1,000 of the resource runic energy
/givespell <spell ID>Gives you one or more spells in the game (see index)
/giveitem <item ID> <number> <stat range>Gives you one or more items from the game (see index)
/giveallitems|/christmasmorning|/xmasmorningGives you one unit of each item that currently exists in the game and increases the carrying capacity so everything can be carried
/knowitalllearns all learnable items in the game
/spawnnpc <NPC Name> <number> <level>Spawns an NPC of the selected type with you. Number and level are optional, normal is level 1. NPC names see index.
/regenRegenerates your health and mana pool completely.
/settime <time>Sets the current time of day, between 0 and 2400 (1200 is noon, 2400 midnight).
/teleport <player>Teleports you next to the specified player.
/teleport <latitude> <longitude>Teleports you to a specific point on the map.
/regrow|/gardener|/iamadruidRegrows all plants immediately
/suicide|/seppuku|/harakiriKills yourself instantly
/invincible|/superman <number>Sets the Base Damage defense somewhere between 0 and 100%. If no number is specified, the value is automatically set to 100.
/masterbuilderLets you build/delete walls for free
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