Become an admin in Citadel

In order to keep law and order on your server, you need to give yourself admin rights.

Written on Jun 10, 2021

Become admin via FTP

To assign admin rights on your Citadel server, you have to set an admin password in a config via FTP.

Note: If your server is rented from a hoster, you can ask them if you can edit the admin password via the hoster's web interface.

  1. Connect via FTP to your server
  2. Navigate to the folder Citadel/Saved/Config/WindowsServer and open the Game.ini file in an editor
  3. Search in the file for the option password
  4. Set your desired password behind this option, with which you have to log in the game afterwards
    1. Usually there is already an automatically generated password there
    2. Choose a password that is not too easy, because everyone can give himself admin rights with this password
  5. Now start Citadel and connect to your server
  6. Open the chat with Enter
  7. Log in as admin with your chosen password /admin_logon YOURPASSWORD
  8. Now you are successfully admin on your server and can use all admin commands
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