Admin commands in Valheim

As an admin on your Valheim server, you have several admin and cheat commands to help you manage your server perfectly.

Written on Sep 2, 2021


With the update 0.148.6 the developers of Valheim have disabled the console in the game by default. For this reason, you need to start the game with the -console startup parameter.

  1. Open Steam and navigate to Valheim in the Library
  2. Make a right click on Valheim
  3. Open the properties and go to the Startup parameters
  4. Add -console to the startup parameters and save the settings
  5. Restart the game and check in-game with the command devcommands if everything has worked

Admin commands

helplist of all commands
kick <Name/IP/User Id>kicks the selected player
ban <Name/IP/User Id>Ban the selected player
unban <IP/User Id>Unban the selected player
bannedShow list of all banned players
pingLatency to server]
lodbias <Number>Change graphic detail level. Default = 1.5
infoDisplay system info

Cheat commands

godEnable God Mode
posDisplay current position
goto <x, z>Teleport
killallkill enemies in the nearer radius
exploremapuncover map completely
resetmapCloak map again
tameTame nearby creatures
locationSpawn Location
freelyCamera Free Flight Mode
ffsmoothFree Flight Smoothness
event <Name>Start event
stopeventStop event
raiseskill <Skill> <Amount>Adjust skill
resetcharacterReset character
dpsdebugtoggle dps debug print
saveforce save
removedropsremove item drops
resetwindreset wind
players <Number>set difficulty scaling (0 = reset)
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