Find out seed from Valheim world

Use an FTP client to find out which seed is used by your Valheim server to preview the map.

Written on Sep 2, 2021

Valheim Seeds

When you create a new map, Valheim automatically generates a code called a seed. Since each world has its own seed and is built differently, it can be useful to find out your seed so that you can use the same seed again when creating a new world.

Find out your seed

  1. stop your server
  2. connect via FTP to your Valheim server
  3. open the save/worlds/ directory
  4. open the file with the extension `.fwl
  5. in this file you will find the information about your world or game state
    1. among other things you will see the name of your savegame
    2. and also you will see a character string, that is your world seed.
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