Become admin in FS19

Becoming an admin on your Farming Simulator 2019 server is usually the first thing a new server admin does. With admin rights you can make your farming world even better.

Written on Sep 1, 2021

Become admin

HintSome hosters allow you to configure the admin password directly through their web interface, so you don't even have to connect to your server via FTP.

  1. Connect via FTP to your LS19 server
  2. Open the dedicatedServer.xml file
  3. Look for the option Adminpassword and copy the value
    1. If necessary you can change the password as well. Note: You have to restart the server afterwards
  4. Start the game LS19
  5. Press the ESC key, select the farm administration and press the space bar
  6. Enter the copied admin password in the input field and confirm with `Enter

Use commands

Before you can use commands and cheats in LS19, you have to activate the console.

  1. Navigate to the FarmingSimulator2019 folder on your computer
  2. Open the file game.xml and change the line <controls>false</controls> to <controls>true</controls>
  3. Restart your game locally (new)
  4. Now you can open the console by pressing the ^ key in the game
    1. Try for example the gsCheatMoney 100 command
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